A truly relaxing and deeply nurturing group guided meditation using the therapeutic doTERRA essential oils. Moving through the chakras, bringing awareness to each energy centre and what emotions and qualities lie with them. Inhaling oils and softly noticing and breathing into each chakra.

Followed by a guided Yoga Nidra to bring the body and mind to a state of deep relaxation and relaxing the cells in the body so that their vibrational energy is more balanced and in tune with each other allowing for better receptivity and in preparation for the body to receive the vibrational energy from the instruments used during the sound bath.

The final part of aromaZen is a sound bath of various instruments from the deep vibrations of a medicine drum to the varied pitches of different crystal and metal singing bowls going through to the different pitches of a seed pod shaker to soft bells activating the higher chakras.

Image by alan caishan

Aroma-Touch Massage

The AromaTouch technique by DoTerra is more than just a massage. It is a whole body and mind relaxation therapy that promotes wellness, peace and balance in the body. The use of essential oils to positively affect mental health and wellbeing is becoming more common as people realise the benefits they provide. With this in mind, DoTerra created the AromaTouch technique, which is said to be a clinical approach to introducing essential oils.

The AromaTouch technique applies essential oils along energy meridians and visceral contact points of the back and feet to help balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems of the body. This technique improves wellbeing by reducing physical and emotional stressors, and supports healthy nervous system function. It is not a massage, but a technique that is a relaxing method of applying therapeutic grade essential oils topically to produce a profound whole-body experience.


Hibiscus Moon Certified 
Crystal Practicioner

Crystal healing is an energy-based system. This means it is based on the belief that we are all made up of different energies and that when this becomes stagnant, unbalanced or blocked, it can cause illness. The premise is that crystals help unblock, balance and direct energy where it is most needed, gently supporting the body to heal in a therapeutic way.

Different types of crystals are thought to have different properties and energies. Just holding and being near these crystals is therefore thought to affect our own energies on a physical, spiritual and emotional level.

As a crystal healer, I have extensive knowledge of the different stones and how they affect us and am able to use them in healing sessions.