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I am Beatrice Chuan, or simply… Bea!


Even as a child, I have always wanted to help. Helping others look good, and with that feel good about themselves, made me feel great too. I dreamed of being a cosmetologist making cosmetic product solutions. Deep within me, I always had the wish to heal people but first felt drawn to natural remedies and natural solutions to cosmetic problems.


Over a decade, I worked all around the world for world-renowned fashion and cosmetic brands and my life was about making others shine on the outside.


Due to my Asian background, upbringing and many cultural influences in my family, I have been on a curious spiritual journey my entire life. I studied Reiki from Jakarta, did DoTerra courses in Australia, got my angel guide certification, and learned about Access Bars, Aroma Touch, Symphony of Cells, massages with oils, Aroma Zen, crystals and sound bowls.


I am also a Moonologer and interpret and harness the vibrational influence of the Luna energies in my healing.


When my mum was diagnosed with Leukaemia, I felt a lot of guilt for living on another continent and wished to help her from afar. Over the course of fifteen years, she also had dementia, Alzheimers and arthritis and I aimed to create natural solutions to ease her pains and make her life more comfortable.


I soon realised that helping people find good health physically but also and especially emotionally with natural remedies is my life’s purpose and passion.


After Mum passed away, I attended my very first AromaZen session and it was the first night I slept soundly and felt calmer. I instantly knew I wanted to pass this gift on to other people as well.


I followed my intuition and have since deepened my knowledge in many spiritual areas. My purpose is to bring people to a relaxed state.


I offer personalised services including tailor-made crystal and oil solutions and relaxation sessions in an honest, open, inclusive and non-judgemental environment. 


I would love to help YOU relax as well.

xo, Bea